DNA Technical Leader



Job Opening: DNA Technical Leader


Facility Location: Fayetteville, NC


Starting Pay: A competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Job Description: The qualified Technical Leader will demonstrate proficiency in evidence examination, serology, microscopy, DNA extractions, Real Time PCR, autosomal, Y-STR and MiniFiler amplification, capillary electrophoresis and data interpretation.


The Technical Leader shall manage the technical operations of the laboratory and is responsible for evaluating all methods used by the laboratory and for proposing new or modified analytical procedures to be used by the technical staff.


The Technical Leader is responsible for technical problem solving of analytical methods and for the oversight of training, quality assurance, safety and proficiency testing in the laboratory. The Technical Leader is responsible for ensuring Sure Spot Analytics (SSA) Forensic Services Division complies with the standards set forth by ASCLD/LAB – International. The Technical Leader will maintain a caseload in addition to their supervisory tasks.


***We anticipate filling this position in spring 2015***


Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • To manage and direct forensic biology and DNA casework

  • Provide scientific and technical expertise in the area of genetics, forensic biology, and DNA analysis

  • Serve as technical leader for forensic biology programs

  • Plan, organize, staff, and direct forensic biology programs and operations

  • Serve as a liaison between SSA and law enforcement entities, private laboratories, and other clients; ensure that products and services satisfy customer requirements

  • Direct or perform research and developmental validation studies to investigate and implement new methodologies

  • Provide expert testimony with regard to complex DNA analysis, genetics, and relevant population statistics

  • Support and promote the Quality Management System

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

  • Ensure that corrective action is taken and documented to resolve deficiencies.

  • Develop budgets and make staffing decision

  • Review, monitor program, and work with the Quality Manager to ensure quality system compliance

  • Develop strategies for improved performance

  • Address policy, operational and procedural questions, and provide technical expertise

  • Provide and oversee internal training

  • Hire, train, delegate duties, set priorities, evaluate staff performance

  • Ensure that laboratory personnel receive training and resources and are qualified for assigned work.


Qualifications: The Technical Leader must have a minimum of a Graduate Degree in biology, microbiology, chemistry, clinical laboratory science, forensic science- related area and successfully completed 12 semester or equivalent credit hours from a combination of undergraduate and graduate course work covering the following subject areas: biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and statistics or population genetics.  The 12 semester or equivalent credit hours hall include at least one graduate level course registering three (3) or more semesters or equivalent credit hours.


Experience: Good knowledge of management and supervisory practices with at least three years as a qualified and proficient forensic DNA analyst, with experience obtained at an accredited forensic laboratory where forensic DNA testing was conducted for the identification and evaluation of biological evidence in criminal matters.  The technical leader shall have previously completed or successfully complete the FBI sponsored auditor training within one year of appointment and additionally have experience in courtroom testimony on biological evidence to include difficult samples and complex mixture interpretation.


The following are not minimum requirements for this position but experience in any of these areas may increase your score:


  • Experience as a technical leader in an accredited human forensic DNA laboratory

  • Experience performing audits under the FBI's DNA quality assurance standards and/or ISO 17025 standards

  • Experience using automation as it applies to the analysis of DNA samples in a forensic laboratory

  • Experience using CODIS and knowledge of the NDIS operation procedures as it applied to DNA eligibility requirements


Special Note: The successful candidate must have completed, or will need to complete, the FBI-sponsored auditor training within one year of appointment. The successful candidate will also be required to be certified with the American Board of Criminalistics or become certified within two years of appointment.


Apply: Interested candidates are asked to submit a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae attention Dr. Steven Singletary via email at: ssingletary@surespotanalytics.com or direct mail to: 1909 Bragg Blvd. Suite 94 Fayetteville, NC 28305. Onsite interviews and background checks will be part of the selection process. Sure Spot Analytics, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.