Consulting & Analysis

We combine experience, innovation, and cutting edge material analysis to help you excel.
Sample Preparation


Analysis of any type requires a sample to be mounted and prepared.  Quality analysis begins with quality preparation.


Using years of experience as a basis, we can mount, and prepare a variety of materials for analysis.  From gunshot residue to steel I-beams to astromaterials, we can prepare your sample for most any type of analysis.



Analysis and Data Collection


Success in today's world is largely driven by data. Thoughtful and expertly collected data are the foundation of any successful endeavor.

Efficiency and quality need not be mutually exclusive. At Sure Spot Analytics, we draw upon 20+ years of experience to collect all the data your project requires in a minimal amount of time.​  




Data Interpretation


Many labs are more than happy to collect data for your project.  We go one step further and help you interpret the data we collect.

We begin by understanding our clients' project at the deepest levels to help them choose, not only what type of analyses will be the most useful, but also where to focus their efforts in order to get the most effective use of our services.  We then interpret the collected data to boost our clients' business. Our clients' success is our goal.