Forensic Analyst  

Job Opening: DNA Forensic Analyst  


Facility Location: Fayetteville, NC


Starting Pay: A competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Job Description: The DNA Forensic Analyst will complete the analysis of a range of samples routinely encountered in forensic casework.

  • Performing DNA analysis on evidentiary and/or reference samples as part of Sure Spot Analytic forensic service casework team;

  • Performing serological screening tests on evidentiary samples;

  • Interpreting results of analysis and providing detailed summaries or reports to clients;

  • Completing all documentation to support forensic findings and providing courtroom testimony as needed;

  • Maintaining chain of custody;

  • Performing maintenance on laboratory equipment and quality control of reagents used for casework analysis as needed; and

  • This position will continue to receive ongoing education and/or training in new procedures.  


Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in biology, chemistry, or forensic science- related area and shall have successfully completed course work (graduate or undergraduate level) covering the following subject areas: biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology; and course work and/or training in statistics and/or population genetics as it applies to forensic DNA analysis.

  • High level of concentration and attention to detail required;

  • Previous laboratory experience and familiarity with accreditation standards is a plus;

  • Excellent oral and written communication and organization skills;

  • Individual must be self-motivated, energetic, and able to work independently and in a diverse team environment.


Experience: The DNA Forensic Analyst shall have a minimum six (6) months of forensic human DNA laboratory experience, prefer individual with 2-4 years of forensic criminal casework experience.  Prior forensic human DNA laboratory experience shall be documented and augmented by additional training, as needed, in the analytical methodologies, robotic platforms and interpretation of human DNA results used by Sure Spot Analytics. 


Special Note: Forensic Analysts, regardless of education or past work experience, shall satisfactorily complete a competency test in each category of analysis prior to assuming casework responsibilities. Additionally, forensic science professionals at the Sure Spot Analytics shall be required to obtain individual certification consistent with international and ISO standards within 18 months of the date the analyst becomes eligible to seek certification according to the standards of the certifying entity unless no certification is available.  All forensic science professionals shall have access to the certification process.


Apply: Interested candidates are asked to submit a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae attention Dr. Steven Singletary via email at: or direct mail to: 1909 Bragg Blvd. Suite 94 Fayetteville, NC 28305. Onsite interviews and background checks will be part of the selection process. Sure Spot Analytics, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.