Forensic Technician 

Job Opening: DNA Forensic Technician 


Facility Location: Fayetteville, NC


Starting Pay: A competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


Job Description: The qualified DNA Forensic Technician reports to the DNA Technical Leader and is responsible for routine operations assistance in the laboratories, providing assistance in the laboratory for analysts and performing routine clerical and laboratory maintenance duties, including: 


  • Operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of robotic platforms

  • Prepares shipments of case files

  • Assists in maintaining inventory of laboratory equipment

  • Verifies and maintains equipment as well as shipping/receiving of laboratory equipment

  • Receives and logs laboratory supplies and reagents

  • Witnesses laboratory samples for accuracy

    • Maintains and monitors laboratory cleanliness and supplies

    • Repackaging extracts with evidence

    • Monitors service technicians in the laboratory

    • Other routine clerical duties as assigned          


Skills: Must have excellent oral and written communication and attention to detail to produce results with 100% accuracy. Ability to remain focused with medium noise level and interruptions. This position requires frequent standing/walking and the physical ability to lift up to 30 lbs.


Qualifications: Qualified candidates must meet the FBI’s Quality Assurance Standards for a technical analyst/examiner (Standard 5.3) High School diploma.  Preferred: B.S., in criminal justice or natural science field; 0-1 year of forensic laboratory, or evidence handling experience.


Special Note: Forensic science professionals at the Sure Spot Analytics shall be required to obtain individual certification consistent with international and ISO standards within 18 months of the date the analyst becomes eligible to seek certification according to the standards of the certifying entity unless no certification is available.  All forensic science professionals shall have access to the certification process.


Apply: Interested candidates are asked to submit a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae attention Dr. Steven Singletary via email at: or direct mail to: 1909 Bragg Blvd. Suite 94 Fayetteville, NC 28305. Onsite interviews and background checks will be part of the selection process. Sure Spot Analytics, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.