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X-Ray compositional map of a meteorite showing the distribution of Magnesium.  


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‘Spotting’ is a skill possessed by experienced skydivers that is essential for a safe landing at the intended target. Before boarding the aircraft, the ‘spotter’ will talk to the pilot to learn the intended heading for the aircraft, as well as the direction and strength of the winds at various altitudes below the jumpers intended exit altitude. The ‘spotter’, taking all these factors into account, will determine the correct ‘spot’ over the ground to exit the aircraft so that everyone that is jumping will land safely. Any miscalculation on the spotters part could result in jumpers landing downwind, not able to make it to the landing zone, or landing off the target into hazards. The determination of the spot and the actual checking of the spot from altitude by the spotter are important and necessary for parachuting activities.
At Sure Spot Analytics, we consider ourselves ‘spotters’ – we take into account all of the concerns, conditions and variations of your situation, ascertain what data and analysis are needed and then quickly and efficiently collect the necessary data to ensure that you arrive at the perfect ‘spot’.