Sure Spot Analytics

"Using Science to Serve Society"

Sure Spot Analytics is, at our core, a science and technology company that engages in basic research, provides science and technology oriented training, and offers scientific consulting and analytical services to government, industry, and academia.  Our motivation and drive for all company operations is captured by our vision statement “using science to serve society”.  We at Sure Spot believe it is not enough to simply engage in scientific activities to satisfy our own career goals and curiosity.  We believe that our science can and should serve society; therefore all Sure Spot activities are designed and deployed to use our scientific expertise and experience to benefit society at large and specifically the people of southeastern North Carolina.  

Services & Research


Our Services and Research division is tasked with the bulk of Sure Spot activities.  Research activities are based on current societal needs, funding opportunities, and our own expertise.



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A wide variety of end-users have benefited from our services.  We have worked with Government agencies, corporate clients, and small manufacturing companies.  Contact us today to see how we can drive your business forward.